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Amazon Bestselling Author and International Speaker, Shawna Curry, is committed to helping people become the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves. Over nearly two decades, she has made her mark in the health and wellness space with live speaking engagements, published health articles and personalized health and fitness training. Through all of this, Shawna has also continued working as a Registered Nurse, Professional Coach, and Health Guide. This variety of experience has built a community of clients who benefit from her special form of intimate and inspiring health and wellness information.

Shawna's company, Health Redesigned is dedicated to total-health solutions and all of the aspects of healthy living including sleep, nutrition, fitness, self-help, and overall lifestyle strategies.

Shawna’s connection with her clients comes from her own unique journey to complete health and wellness. Her passion comes from her own experience overcoming feelings of being broken. Over the years, Shawna struggled with food sensitivities, inflammation, and recovery from multiple sports injuries. She used her education and experience in the health and fitness world and some personal experimentation to find a program that allowed her to reach her goals and overcome her health challenges. She now uses this experience to inspire others to redesign their own health and feel their best. You can be part of her movement by taking charge of your own health today.

Connect with Shawna at [email protected] if you have any questions or if you'd like more information about custom designed projects to suit your needs.


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