Your Lifestyle Foundations Course


Focusing on the foundational 4 pillars, this blueprint will help you take those first steps into prioritizing your health!

You struggle to prioritize your health without feeling guilty or neglecting your family. You've already tried everything and haven't gotten results. With all the effort you've put in, it's easy to feel cynical and resigned.

That stops today. It's time to become the best version of you. Other programs have failed you because they only address one or two pillars of health. We get you results because we look at all the factors at play.

This foundational course will help you take the first steps towards redesigning your health, without creating overwhelm. To keep things simple, we'll focus on the foundational four pillars of health. You can work at your own pace so you don't feel rushed. You'll learn the basic blueprint to get you started on your journey to better health. 


Inside this course you'll get:

  • The foundational four pillars to get you started (sleep, nutrition, exercise and mental health)
  • PDF copies of each module
  • 9 videos to enhance your learning
  • A free Facebook community to feel supported along your journey. We're all in this together!


We can't wait for you to join the Health Redesigned family so that we can support you on your journey. See you inside!

It's time to make real changes

And get lasting results

Course Modules

  • What shape is your health in: Assess your health to determine a staring point

  • Setting Your Goals: So that you know what you're working towards

  • Straighten up your sleep: The number one tip to improve your sleep

  • Nurture your nutrition: The best way to improve your nutrition

  • Enhance your exercise: What everyone needs to do to improve their exercise

  • Master your mental health: How to achieve better balance (hint- it's not balance at all)

  • Putting it all together: How to do it all when you don't have time

  • What to do when it all falls apart: Life happens- how to stay on track when it does

"With so many trends in the wellness space nowadays, everyone wants to be a coach and offer programs. But not all of them have Shawna's proven healthcare experience and the depth of knowledge and research from writing her book. "

"We thoroughly recommend Shawna for any Health concerns. We found Shawna to be very easy to talk with, listening to our concerns and giving us her extensive knowledge with informative feedback. Always following up with resources which she has at her fingertips. The most impressive thing about Shawna is she practices what she preaches!"

"It's refreshing to hear a wholistic perspective on solving the health equation. "

Anthony Benedettini
Health Evangelist

"It really isn’t that hard to eat well. I mean, I’ve been eating the same way for a really long time and it’s hard to change my habits, but eating healthy is pretty easy once you know how. I’m eating much more vegetables than I ever have before. I’m much more aware of my food choices and I know when I make a bad choice."


Not What You Expected?

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