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15 Ways to Get Your Weight Back on Track

The holidays are over and the kids back in school. Those inches you lost over the summer are working hard to find their way back to your waistline. As you get preoccupied with the lives of your family members, it’s easy to forget about you. You may not be taking as good of care of yourself and the pounds have added up.
What if you could avoid this whole cycle? You can! I know you’ll be looking to get back to that summer bod of yours in a few short months. To get out of the weight gain rut, here are some tips on how to stay fit over the next few winter months:
  1. Keep moving! Get busy, especially on weekends. Choose activities that you can do with the whole family. Everyone will enjoy the activity and you’ll reap the health benefits.
  2. Reduce the calories from your intake of liquids. Cut the calorie-laden whipped cream on that Frappuccino! Stop your soda and juice habits. Instead, drink water with a wedge of lemon, lime, pineapple or...
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