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Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

Growth often comes from experiencing a failure or setback. You make a mistake, learn what you did wrong and then make changes. The process sounds pretty simple. It can be so much more complex than that.
Many women get stuck with the belief that to grow, it implies that they have made bad mistakes. So that makes them a bad person.

To grow, you need to acknowledge that your current position isn’t working for you.

That doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. It only means that your habits are ineffective and need to change. In my experience, women tend to struggle with this concept more than men. Men jump in and make the necessary changes. They don’t take it personally. Women beat themselves up and fill their mind with self-doubt.
The same pattern exists for weight loss as it does for making business decisions. You create unhealthy thoughts like, you’re a bad person because your business failed. Or you’re a...
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The Top 7 Tips For Delicious Calorie Reduced Libations

In the last post we went over the top 5 treats that you might be adding to your waistline. If you missed it, click here. Bethany’s story of weight gain during the summer is not unique. I’ve worked with many women who struggle with summertime weight gain.
By making some simple changes, Brittany was able to create refreshing drinks that she enjoyed. She became much more aware of the hidden calories she was consuming. Best of all, Brittany stopped her cycle of weight gain and was able to maintain a steady weight year round.

Here’s 7 options to make delicious, calorie reduced libations:


Liquor and Soda

Keep it simple. Trade in your fruit juice or tonic for a soda. Same fizzy mouthfeel. None of the calories.

Flat or Sparkling water

Libations don’t need to be full of calories. Use flat water or sparkling water to mix with your alcohol of choice.

Lemons and Limes

Don’t underestimate the benefit...
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The Top 5 Summer Treats to Avoid

It’s summertime!

That means it’s patio season. And lots of libations. You’re more willing to enjoy seasonal treats that cool you off. Things like ice cream, popsicles, and cold drinks. The guilty pleasures you only get to enjoy for a few months each year.
Those tasty treats are here to sabotage your success and spiral your weight in the opposite direction. If you’re the kind of woman who gains weight in the summer, you’re not alone.
Bethany was starting to hate summers. She gained weight every summer and then had to lose it in the winter. This same cycle kept repeating year after year.
Bethany loved being social- going out for drinks a few times during the week. On weekends she’d be out and about, enjoying patios, campfires or any social event that came up. She would graze on snacks, hardly having a real meal and sipped a few cocktails at each event.
Without even knowing it, Bethany was drinking more...
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Don’t Develop Your Crisis Plan in the Middle of a Crisis

We’ve lost another great one. This week was Anthony Bourdain. Proceeded by Kate Spade, Robin Williams, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, and many others. Why does it take a traumatic event to spark action? It’s then that we speak out about mental health. That’s when we take action on the bigger issues that have been there all along.

Why don’t we have that passion or desire to change or to develop a plan before disaster strikes? Think of some of the bigger events that have happened in history. 9/11 or New Orleans flooding after hurricane Katrina. When those disasters struck – they were the biggest events that had ever happened in those areas. That was not the first time those first responders had to deal with crisis situations. It was not the first time that doctors in the hospital had to treat acute injuries. It was not the first time that 9-1-1 operators were overwhelmed with calls coming in. Those individual jobs had been performed previously. They had the...

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She Couldn’t Lose Weight Because She Was Too Tired

Andy was tired of feeling frumpy. She wanted her outside to reflect the confident woman she was on the inside. Andy wanted to lose the extra weight for good and hired a trainer to get her on track. Andy did everything that the trainer asked her to. She worked out hard. She ate well. She tried to balance her stress levels.
Nothing happened. Her weight didn’t budge. Andy got stronger but she didn’t notice any other changes. She wasn’t leaner. She wasn’t feeling better. In fact, Andy was getting more frustrated. She was putting in a lot of effort and not seeing results. Can you relate to Andy? I know many people who can.
It turns out that Andy suffered from Adrenal Fatigue. You know, that “myth” of a diagnosis that isn’t recognized in the medical system. The condition where you literally have NO energy to move. Despite being tired all the time, Andy still made herself workout. She used her...
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Eating Healthier Almost Plugged Her Toilet

Kaitlyn was on a mission to eat healthier and lose weight. For good. She was tired of gaining and losing the same 50 pounds. It was time for her to make a permanent change. She hired me to coach her through the challenging times. Kaitlyn knew what she needed to do, she just needed that extra push to keep her on track.
For a few weeks, things were going well for Kaitlyn. She was seeing results. A few pounds had dropped off the scale. Her energy was already on the rise. And then it happened. One day, Kaitlyn could barely get off the toilet. She thought it was just an off day. Then it happened again the next day. And the next. Finally, Kaitlyn clued in that the reason she had to “go” so much was because of all the vegetables she recently started eating.
Here’s the thing about veggies. Yes, they are good for you. They are jam-packed with fiber. Which makes you, um… “go.” Lots....
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Everything You Want to Know About Working With a Health Coach

When you want your businesses to hit exponential growth you turn to the experts. You hire marketing professionals or business strategists to help you get going. Mentors keep you focused along the way. Each of these professionals has an area of specialty and you seek them out for their unique skill set. How does that concept apply to your life?
As an entrepreneur, you often fill all the roles in your company. When you are operating at your best, you’ll have more energy to put into your business. So to stay successful, it makes sense to keep yourself in top shape. Hire an expert to manage your health in the same way you hire an expert to manage your business. You’ll get an unbiased opinion about what’s going on in your world. From there you’ll be able to focus your energy on the areas that need it most.
As a health coach, I look at your health objectively, like your business coach does with your business. I have nothing personal to...
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I Gave up Late Nights and Regained My Health

I thought I could do it all. I was the kind of woman that only needed a few hours of sleep each night to function. I could stay up late and get up early. I was able to thrive on minimal sleep. Or so I thought.
That’s when it happened. My health collapsed. It started out simple enough. A bit of test anxiety while I was still in University. Then chronic aches and pains rotating through my joints. I got shingles every summer for a few years in a row- on my face. I had gout, fungal infections, staph infections, mono, and chronic fatigue. I developed insomnia and could only get 2-3 hours of interrupted sleep each night. I was only in my early 20’s. I felt like I was going crazy.

I thought I was superwoman.

Here’s what lead to my health collapse. I thought I was superwoman. I could do it all. I was a full-time student. I stayed up late studying. I worked part-time. I trained 30 hours a week for cross country and soccer. I had a vibrant...
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The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need

There’s long been a debate about what the ONE perfect diet is. Traditionally a diet was simply the way that you ate. Over time it has evolved to mean, “restricting your current intake of food to lose weight.” Regardless of which definition you prefer, there is one perfect diet that does both.
The perfect diet is out there, but not in the way that you think. There is no one perfect diet that works for every single person on this entire planet. That’s impossible. Each person has a different set of nutritional requirements to keep them healthy. Many diets will sustain you or keep you alive. That doesn’t mean that they are good for you long term. Your perfect diet should not just keep you alive, it should help you thrive. It should give you the best possible intake of nutrients to allow your body to be as healthy as it can be.
Rather than one universal diet, there is a set of principles...
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10 Tips To Manage Sleep

Managing your sleep can be easier than you think. It comes down to sorting out the factors that affect your sleep. Most people are on the go all day and want to come home to get a good night’s sleep. We assume that all we need to do is go to bed and sleep will happen. There’s more to the picture than that. Here are 10 things you should consider to improve your sleep:

Time of Day/Circadian Rhythm

These are the internal and external cues for sleep. Going to bed and getting up at the same time helps to train your body that sleep happens between those times. It’s also important to follow the natural rhythm of light outside. Go to sleep when it’s dark and wake up when it’s light. That isn’t always possible for people further from the equator. In those cases, stick to a set sleep/wake schedule to keep your body on track.

Light Exposure

Sleep is impacted by the amount of light you are exposed to...
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