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Dream Big. Start Small.

Last week’s blog post talked about a way to be more successful at setting goals. Once you’ve set your initial goal, it’s easy to lose focus. Life gets in the way. Shiny objects pop up. You chase other more attractive options. So how do you increase your chances of sticking with it?


Dream big and start small.


Start by coming up with a really big dream for your health and wellbeing. Make it something that you’ll work towards over the next year. Think big. Pie in the sky goals. And decide on a semi-unachievable goal. It should be something that is possible to achieve if the stars align.


If your goal is impossible then you’re doing this step wrong. For example, you can set a goal to be taller, however, that’s not possible if you’re fully grown. Or if you want longer legs. Or a thinner wrist. There’s factors you can’t control or change. The goal is to make you stretch outside of your comfort zone, not to set you...

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What's Your End Game?

Ever wish you could be one of those people that follow through on New Years Resolutions? They make it look so easy. And yet, without fail, you seem to fizzle out by mid-February. It’s hard not to get discouraged and give up before you have a chance to see results.


What if there was a better way?? (Isn’t that how most products on the shopping channel start?) Many people set New Years Resolutions without working through how they will execute their goals.


If you fail to plan then you’re planning to fail.


Coming up with a concrete plan may not solve your execution issue. You may have the best-laid plans for how to accomplish your goal. If you lack the motivation to do it, it likely won’t get done. Sooo, now what?


Let’s reverse engineer how to make New Years Resolutions that stick. We’ll start with an example from my life. I am the Queen of coming up with big lofty goals. That’s the easy part. I’m a big dreamer.

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What's Involved in Designing a Course? (Read the blog post before watching the video!)


This isn't my typical blog post. Many of you have been asking about my online courses so I thought I'd share all the details with you. It's almost ready! The new and updated version of my online course is almost available. Stay tuned for details about the launch- they will be released soooooooon!

Until then, I've had several questions about what's involved in creating a course. It sounds easy and straightforward, right? Except that there's a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes. I've ran three previous online courses and have received invaluable feedback on what you found useful and what was too much information.

My courses have made some significant pivots based on your feedback, which essentially meant that this time I almost had to start from scratch.

I started by designing a curriculum so that I knew what to include and what to leave out. For me, that type of work is dry and boring. (Bless your heart if you love it!) I literally wanted to give up because it...

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5 Life Lessons from a Sick Entrepreneur

It's that time of year when the cold and flu bugs are flying all over. I'd like to think I'm pretty good with hand hygiene but that's only part of the picture. All you need to do is step into an elevator where someone recently sneezed and whamo- you're sick.

That's pretty much what happened to me. I woke up fine one morning and then in the hour before bed I started to feel run down. By the middle of the night I had knives stabbing my throat, joint aches and a stuffy nose. Nothing like a dramatic entrance. Thanks cold and flu season.

If you have a steady salaried position, getting sick is no big deal. Stay home for a few days, rest up and you'll be fine. Only as an entrepreneur that's not how it works. If I don't work, I don't get paid. There's no one else to pick up my slack. For every day that I miss work, that means I have one more day of things to catch up on. So what's a gal to do? While we can't entirely avoid getting sick (unless you want to live in a bubble) there's a few...

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Why Sexual Function is Impacted by Chronic Stress

This week's blog post is a repost from Mercedes at Vida Health and Wellness. It's a great article that talks about how sexual function has many components to it. Mercedes is a physiotherapist in Calgary who specializes in women's health issues such as painful intercourse, embarrassing leaks, pelvic floor health for any stage of pregnancy, breastfeeding support and more. Be sure to check her out!

And now for the post....

The status quo

Many of the world’s academics will agree that physical and emotional intimacy are basic human needs. We are a social species and we seek relationships that fulfill these needs. Friendships make us happy and are integral to our social fabric, but many people also seek a different type of connection: a physical one. This drives us to find a partner, a mate, and ultimately a fellow parent. The enjoyment of a sexual relationship is human nature for a reason.

If this is the case, though, why were we (collectively) having 15% less...

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What Are the Best Productivity Tools For Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs have their plates full. They have to be all things to all people, especially in the start-up phase of their business. I get it. I’m on my third business and know how important productivity is. If you can get more done with less time, you’ll be more successful. It’s as simple as that.

The best productivity tool is the one that you actually use.

There’s plenty of tools, apps, and resources out there to help you be more productive. Ones that help you manage your time, finances and to do list. There’s tools to help you eat better, get your workouts in and sleep better. There are even apps that help you to manage your apps.

I love productivity tools. But here’s the thing about them. You have to use them in order for them to work. The best productivity tool is the one that you actually use. That tool could be as simple as a notepad. Or it could be as complex as an expensive, highly integrated software program.

Dedicate your time to...

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Why You Should Handle Your Health Like the Boeing B-17 Model 299

Anyone who knows me well will know that I have a love-hate relationship with flying. I love traveling to new and exciting places. It’s the thrill of the adventure. Of going somewhere outside of my routine. Mixing it up to inspire more creativity.
The flip side is that I don’t love the process of getting to my destination. The smells on the plane are a mix of stale food, body odor and fumes from the operation of the plane. They upset my stomach. The bumps and jostles during takeoff and landing seem unnatural and I’m sure the plane is about to explode. When we’re in the air, the slightest amount of turbulence makes me nauseous. I’m convinced the plane is going to crash. I work hard to tame the runaway thoughts I have about how my exciting adventure is going to end in a water rescue. I know it’s more in my head than anything else.
The whole process of flying seems unnatural to me. It’s a giant, heavy, metal object that...
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Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

Growth often comes from experiencing a failure or setback. You make a mistake, learn what you did wrong and then make changes. The process sounds pretty simple. It can be so much more complex than that.
Many women get stuck with the belief that to grow, it implies that they have made bad mistakes. So that makes them a bad person.

To grow, you need to acknowledge that your current position isn’t working for you.

That doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. It only means that your habits are ineffective and need to change. In my experience, women tend to struggle with this concept more than men. Men jump in and make the necessary changes. They don’t take it personally. Women beat themselves up and fill their mind with self-doubt.
The same pattern exists for weight loss as it does for making business decisions. You create unhealthy thoughts like, you’re a bad person because your business failed. Or you’re a...
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The Top 7 Tips For Delicious Calorie Reduced Libations

In the last post we went over the top 5 treats that you might be adding to your waistline. If you missed it, click here. Bethany’s story of weight gain during the summer is not unique. I’ve worked with many women who struggle with summertime weight gain.
By making some simple changes, Brittany was able to create refreshing drinks that she enjoyed. She became much more aware of the hidden calories she was consuming. Best of all, Brittany stopped her cycle of weight gain and was able to maintain a steady weight year round.

Here’s 7 options to make delicious, calorie reduced libations:


Liquor and Soda

Keep it simple. Trade in your fruit juice or tonic for a soda. Same fizzy mouthfeel. None of the calories.

Flat or Sparkling water

Libations don’t need to be full of calories. Use flat water or sparkling water to mix with your alcohol of choice.

Lemons and Limes

Don’t underestimate the benefit...
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The Top 5 Summer Treats to Avoid

It’s summertime!

That means it’s patio season. And lots of libations. You’re more willing to enjoy seasonal treats that cool you off. Things like ice cream, popsicles, and cold drinks. The guilty pleasures you only get to enjoy for a few months each year.
Those tasty treats are here to sabotage your success and spiral your weight in the opposite direction. If you’re the kind of woman who gains weight in the summer, you’re not alone.
Bethany was starting to hate summers. She gained weight every summer and then had to lose it in the winter. This same cycle kept repeating year after year.
Bethany loved being social- going out for drinks a few times during the week. On weekends she’d be out and about, enjoying patios, campfires or any social event that came up. She would graze on snacks, hardly having a real meal and sipped a few cocktails at each event.
Without even knowing it, Bethany was drinking more...
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