Six Ways to be a Great Leader In Your Life (Part 5/5)

coaching Mar 31, 2019

This is the last post in the five part series. We've been talking about how leadership interacts with health and wellness. We started talking about how to be a better leader of yourself and in your family. Then we expanded out to your workplace and your greater sphere of influence. If you've missed those posts, pop back and have a quick read before moving on.

This post is going to tie all those concepts together. We'll talk about the six ways that you can be a leader in your own health and wellness. I want you to be the best version of yourself and I'm here to help you do that.

To mix it up, lets work through that list backwards:

6) Gather Resources

Think about who your trusted, go to resources are. People that you know you're always going to get good quality information from. I hope that I'm one of those trusted people for you. If I'm not that's ok. I hope that you do have other people that are your go to sources. If you don't have someone, go out and find a person to know, like and trust. That every time you see them you're going to get quality information that you want. Make sure that you don't follow the latest fads and trends that pop up in your feed. There's so much garbage information out there, I don't want you being misled. Once you find someone that you trust, share their information with others. Let's start spreading more quality information based on research that produces real results.

5) Build and Grow Relationships

Think about the relationships that support your own health and wellness. If you don't have a family doctor, go out and find one. Build a relationship with someone so that you can trust they are looking out for your best interests. Who are the other trusted health care professionals on your team? Your physiotherapist, massage therapist, or a dietician. Do you have a counsellor or psychologist that you can see to help unload when you're feeling overwhelmed. Who's on your team to help build you up? Or if you're running a business, who can you bring on board to help build your employees health and wellness?

4) Have Curiosity

We like to think that there's a one size fits all approach to health. That's not the case. We all need to take what's out there for information- use some of it, and discard some of it. None of that information is going to 100% apply to you. We are all unique and have differences. That being said, there are similarities and there are commonalities. That's what I teach in my programs- the main concepts that you need to understand. It's then about how you choose to take that information and customize it to your situation. Find ways to take in information, use what's helpful for you and leave the rest.

3) Fail Hard

This is different from being reckless. Or setting giant unrealistic goals with no plan on how to achieve them. I want you to take calculated risks and put yourself out there. I've always struggled with the concept of failing. To me failure would stab me with the thoughts of "I"m not good enough." I took a coaching program that opened my eyes and helped me to look at failure in a completely different way. You aren't failing. You're just learning what not to do. Or ways that something doesn't work. Fail hard. Go out there and make mistakes. And then learn from them. It's how you grow from those mistakes that will shape you more. Don't be afraid to try new, healthy lifestyle habits and see how they work for you. How do you feel after trying them for a month? Maybe they help you, maybe they don't. But now you know. It may not be the right thing for you. Or it may not be the right thing for you right now. It may be helpful at another point in your life.

2) Be a Role Model

Being a role model for other people in your life creates a positive effect. Lead by example. Do what you can to be a better version of yourself, so that others follow in your footsteps. You'll be able to draw others in because you have better energy and more confidence when you take care of yourself. Those are all offshoots of positive self-care. Being a positive role model doesn't mean that you have to have it all together. It may mean that you're working towards small changes that lead to long term results. Be consistent and persistent in your health goals.

1) Keep Learning

There is nothing more important than continuing to learn. My space is health and wellness. There is so much noise going on in this space right now. Things are changing all the time. As someone who works in this area, it's hard to keep up with the latest credible information. For example, gut health has changed so much over the past year. When I wrote my book, Healthy by Choice, I knew that research was going to be different by the time I published it. That posed an interesting challenge of how to write about something you know will become obsolete down the road. It's important to keep learning and growing. If you don't have the time to invest in reading the latest journal articles, refer to your trusted health care team that can do that for you.

Above all, to be a better leader in health and wellness, strive to do your best. Each day is going to bring a unique set of challenges. Do your best to overcome what life has to throw at you. Celebrate your successes along the way, and be the healthiest version of yourself you can be.


As a way to get you thinking:
Which of these ways are you a great leader in your health and wellness?


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