Three Areas of Your Life that Can Help You to Feel More Fulfilled- Part 3/4

mental health Apr 21, 2019

In the previous post, we explored ways to find a sense of purpose outside of your business. This week will look deeper into the different areas of your life that can round out your sense of fulfillment. We’ll look at family time, community contribution and having a sense of spirituality.

I love a phrase that I learned in nursing school that says, “family is who you say it is.” We all come from different family backgrounds. Some of us come from loving families who we love to spend time with. Some of us come from dysfunctional situations that we’ve completely separated ourselves from. And everything in between. Regardless of what your biological family looks like, you still have a family.

That’s the people who love and support you unconditionally. They may not be blood. They are your family. Some of your personal fulfillment may come from contributing value to your family. Helping to raise children. Taking care of aging parents. Or being a mentor to a young adult. A sense of purpose can arise from offering your skills, knowledge and time to those you love.

Look at contributions to your community. How do you get involved? Is there a community group such as a kids sports team that could use your support? Or are you able to help out with the school in your area? Maybe there is a political organization you’d like to support? In Alberta, we just recently had an election. Thousands of volunteer hours were donated to each campaign office. While political parties may be separated by their values, they are joined through the spirit of contribution. Or if you don’t love politics, there are community organizations. Get involved with planning the future growth of your community. Or in planning community events. Your actions can be as simple as shoveling your neighbor's sidewalk. Or mowing their lawn when they aren’t able to.

Studies from the blue zones, explore populations where there is the largest number of centenarians. That’s people living past the age of 100. One of the commonalities that contribute to their longer lifespan is having a sense of spirituality. Not all of these populations are religious. Most of them have some type of belief that allows them to think that there is a reason for their existence.

That they are part of a bigger picture. And have value for being here. You can choose to connect those belief structures to a specific religion or church. Or you can choose to practice it in your own way. We do know that having a sense of spirituality contributes to a longer and more satisfying lifespan.

There are many areas of your life that can contribute to a sense of higher purpose or greater fulfillment. When things get busy with your business (as they often do) make sure to take time to ground yourself in some or all of these areas.

The post next week will wrap up this blog series. Part four will talk about how to feel fulfilled by creating more space or openness in your day.


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