How to Eat Food- 5 Things You Really Need to Know

digestion nutrition Feb 06, 2017

You’ve grown up eating food your entire life. But chances are you were never taught how to truly eat properly.  To get even more benefit from your nutrition, here’s five quick tips you can use to truly eat properly:

It takes at least 20 minutes to feel full

Eat until you are comfortably full, not stuffed. Eating slowly allows your normal feedback mechanism to kick in, telling your body to stop eating before it’s overfilled.

Chew your food thoroughly

This helps to break down into smaller pieces and mix saliva into them to start the breakdown process where it’s meant to start. Chew your food well until it’s in small, soft pieces. Watch your digestion improve with this one simple tip alone.

Chew liquid foods

Even liquid calories need to have saliva mixed into them to break them down properly. Anytime you drink foods such as smoothies, soups or coffee, make sure you chew them or swish them around your mouth. This mixes the important enzymes in your saliva into the foods, starting your digestion where it’s meant to be started.

Eat Mindfully

Rather than inhaling food on the go (as we all do from time to time!), bring your awareness back to your eating. Here’s some simple questions that you can ask yourself about your food to be more present when you are eating:

-What does your food smell like?

-What does your food taste like?

-What is the texture of your food?

-What temperature is your food?

-What does your food look like?

Eat enough calories to support your activity level

Most people overestimate the number of calories they burn and underestimate the amount they consume. Use this knowledge to your advantage! Reduce carbohydrate dense foods and calorie-rich foods if you are inactive. Keep in mind that as you get older your metabolism will slow down and you’ll likely be less active, two big factors for needing less intake. Stay as active as you can for as long as you can to keep your metabolism revved up.


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