Green smoothies: Gross or Great? You Decide!


This month is all about fad busting and myth busting. We’re going to shut down some of those crazy ideas out there in terms of things that we think are good for us. Maybe they aren’t so good.

This blog post is all about green smoothies. Green smoothies are the latest fad or trend and they’ve been kicking around for a while now. We think that smoothies are really good for us, especially green smoothies. To start let’s look at how to make a delicious green smoothie with 13 simple ingredients and then let's talk about it.

**Disclaimer** Please read this post through before attempting to make this smoothie!

Start out with a blender with two cups of water, then add your desired ingredients. --For this smoothie I’m going to start with half an avocado.

-Add broccoli and kale for lots of green, lots of nutrients in both of them. You need to make sure that you have lots. I’ll also added frozen kale from my garden so it’s extra nutritious.

-To keep the smoothie cool, add frozen peas.

-Use parsley and cilantro for their herbalicious goodness.

-Chives, fresh from the garden, lots of nutrition.

-Fresh lawn clippings- why not, you need some extra greens in there!

-Collagen and gelatin are super for helping your skin and nails, helping your joints feel supple and are a great addition for any smoothie.

-Add some extra fibre with chia seed.

-Use a scoop of protein powder- it doesn’t matter what brand, use your favourite and pop it in

-Cricket powder- crickets are all the rage! If you don’t like protein powder or want extra protein use these

You can’t just have a green smoothie on its own. You need to add some flavouring, some spices and seasoning to give it a nice delicious flavour. They will help keep your healthy green smoothie well rounded. Try adding:

-Cinnamon- for blood sugar control

-Turmeric- it’s going to help with your joints, and aches and pains

-Garlic- my favourite, I put it in everything

Ok, I said 13 ingredients, but I snuck in a few extras. Busted! But who’s really counting. Blend that puppy up and give it a try!


Let’s have some real talk. I’m obviously not going to drink that and I hope you won’t either. As soon as the grass went in, that was probably a dead giveaway that it’s not drinkable. What I find is that while green smoothies may look nutritious and maybe even delicious, they are not right for everyone.

 Just because a smoothie is healthy, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

There are a few reasons why smoothies, specifically green smoothies may not be good for you. The top reason is that you may not be used to consuming that volume of green stuff. If you go from no green stuff to a whole blender full of greens, it’s probably going to barrel through you. Then you’ll wonder why you spent the afternoon on the toilet. Your body isn’t used to digesting that much fibre and green stuff.

The other reason why a green smoothie may not be good for you is because some of the ingredients that go into it, while they may be nutritious, may not be right for the type of medical condition that you have. For example if you have thyroid conditions, lots of greens are not your friend, especially if you are in an acute phase or a in a flare up.

There are a bunch of other reasons why you may not want to consume copious amounts of greens, but those are the two big reasons for not consuming gallons of greens. What do you want to do about it? If you do want to consume green smoothies, how do you make it happen without living on the toilet or making your medical conditions worse? 

Don’t jump headfirst into consuming a full blender of greens, herbs and spices every day. First- that would taste absolutely disgusting (like my sample smoothie above) and second, you need to start way slower. Most people complain that they taste too healthy. My partner calls my drinks “sludgies” instead of smoothies because they don’t even look like a smoothie. They are sludge-a-rific, green (or brown) and gooey and not so visually appealing.

Start simple. Use more fruit and add a little bit of green stuff. Start with a few leaves of spinach or a little parsley or mint. Adjust your amounts to slowly transition away from sweet fruits and into more tart vegetables. You can also try different types of vegetables. Not every smoothie needs to be identical. You also don’t have to have the exact same smoothie every day. Choose red veggies one day. Purple another day. Or use white veggies like cauliflower on occasion.

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to sneak these in without anyone knowing. (Big hint for sneaking in nutrition for kids or picky partners!) Start slow with small amounts.

Let me know if this post changes your mind about green smoothies or smoothies in general and what you’re going to do about it.

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Next week is all about busting myths around what type of weight training you should be doing. I can’t wait to share some silly antics with you. Stay tuned!