What's Your End Game?

coaching Feb 10, 2019

Ever wish you could be one of those people that follow through on New Years Resolutions? They make it look so easy. And yet, without fail, you seem to fizzle out by mid-February. It’s hard not to get discouraged and give up before you have a chance to see results.


What if there was a better way?? (Isn’t that how most products on the shopping channel start?) Many people set New Years Resolutions without working through how they will execute their goals.


If you fail to plan then you’re planning to fail.


Coming up with a concrete plan may not solve your execution issue. You may have the best-laid plans for how to accomplish your goal. If you lack the motivation to do it, it likely won’t get done. Sooo, now what?


Let’s reverse engineer how to make New Years Resolutions that stick. We’ll start with an example from my life. I am the Queen of coming up with big lofty goals. That’s the easy part. I’m a big dreamer.


Execution is a whole other story. Why? Because when you set a goal, you’re identifying “what” you want to do. I can “what” like nobody else. I’m also really good at the “how.”  And chances are you are too.


 That’s how most of us were taught to set goals.


It looks something like this:

  1. Dream up a big idea that sounds cool
  2. Set out to accomplish the dream
  3. Likely fail because you got bored, distracted or didn’t even know where to start


Sound familiar?


So what if we could add in a different step to create consistent motivation to keep you on track? Simon Sinek encourages us to “start with why” so let’s do that.


Why do you want to set that specific goal? That question can be broken down into a series of other questions. What are you hoping to get out of this goal? How do you expect to feel when you’ve accomplished it? What about this goal is important to you?


 Keep asking “why” until you feel the answer in your bones. Once you’ve found the reason that tugs on your heartstrings, you’re ready to go. That’s the reason that’s going to be your lighthouse along your journey. The beacon to get your tired butt out of bed when you’d rather hit snooze. The reason that you choose a salad instead of a bowl of chips. Or the motivation to meditate in the driveway before you walk in the door so you can be more present with your family.


Re-jig the order of planning and it looks something like this:


  1. Find your why- the motivating factors that keep you focused on the bigger picture
  2. Dream up a big idea that sounds cool
  3. Set out to accomplish the dream
  4. Likely succeed at your goal because you've invested in something that you're highly motivated to achieve


Start your goal setting with a deeper connection to the outcome. You’ll likely have greater success than arbitrarily setting goals.


Let me know how this minor tweak changes your results!


Ps Next week’s article will focus on another tried and true tip to stay on track with your goals.


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