What's Involved in Designing a Course? (Read the blog post before watching the video!)

coaching Jan 07, 2019

This isn't my typical blog post. Many of you have been asking about my online courses so I thought I'd share all the details with you. It's almost ready! The new and updated version of my online course is almost available. Stay tuned for details about the launch- they will be released soooooooon!

Until then, I've had several questions about what's involved in creating a course. It sounds easy and straightforward, right? Except that there's a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes. I've ran three previous online courses and have received invaluable feedback on what you found useful and what was too much information.

My courses have made some significant pivots based on your feedback, which essentially meant that this time I almost had to start from scratch.

I started by designing a curriculum so that I knew what to include and what to leave out. For me, that type of work is dry and boring. (Bless your heart if you love it!) I literally wanted to give up because it was so frustrating. I just wanted it to be done so that I could start delivering an amazing program to you. (The stuff I love doing.)

What I learned, is that by doing that boring work upfront, it saved me a TON of time when I started producing the course. I knew exactly what videos I needed, what content went into which course and what content I'm saving for future programs or bonus material. The stuff I really didn't want to do ended up saving me hundreds of hours in the long run.

Once the curriculum was done, I got closer to the fun stuff. I wrote the scripts for my videos and decided what needed to be included in the PDF downloads. Then it was time to convert the PDF's into something that represented my brand and relayed a higher level of professionalism than a basic Word document. I'm just in the works of finishing the last few PDF downloads and can't wait for you to see them.

Filming was a whole other project. This was a steep learning curve for me. (Kinesiology and Nursing degrees don't teach you how to film or edit. Who knew?) Over the past few years I've slowly acquired camera equipment and recently invested in a few more items to step it up a notch. While I'd love to film in my pj's in my living room, I'm pretty sure that you would watch one video and run in the other direction.

Pyjama's don't convey professionalism. (Please let me know if this ever changes!)

And that's what lead to this video. Through all the takes (and many re-takes) I ended up with a ton of film time that wasn't usable. I thought it would be funny to string together my mistakes and outtakes in a short bloopers video to keep you entertained while you sit on the edge of your seat eagerly anticipating my course launch.

Have a laugh with me (at me?) while you enjoy this short video.

Share it with your friends and get excited about the newest version of the course being ready really soon!



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