The Top 5 Summer Treats to Avoid

nutrition Jun 29, 2018

It’s summertime!

That means it’s patio season. And lots of libations. You’re more willing to enjoy seasonal treats that cool you off. Things like ice cream, popsicles, and cold drinks. The guilty pleasures you only get to enjoy for a few months each year.
Those tasty treats are here to sabotage your success and spiral your weight in the opposite direction. If you’re the kind of woman who gains weight in the summer, you’re not alone.
Bethany was starting to hate summers. She gained weight every summer and then had to lose it in the winter. This same cycle kept repeating year after year.
Bethany loved being social- going out for drinks a few times during the week. On weekends she’d be out and about, enjoying patios, campfires or any social event that came up. She would graze on snacks, hardly having a real meal and sipped a few cocktails at each event.
Without even knowing it, Bethany was drinking more calories than she was burning. Despite being more active in the summer, her calorie consumption went up dramatically each patio seasonBethany wanted to find a way to keep her weight more stable through the year to prevent her yo-yo cycle from continuing.
Like Bethany, you’ve worked hard to lose weight so that you can feel comfortable in a bathing suit. Let’s keep you there!

Here’s 5 things you should avoid doing this summer:


Use Fruit Juice as Mix

Even 100% real fruit juice is pure sugar. You’ve squeezed out the sugar part of the fruit and left all the healthy fiber behind. While fruit juices taste divine (especially fresh squeezed) they shouldn’t make up the majority of your drink.

Use Tonic as Mix

Surprise! Tonic has almost as much sugar as pop. Tonic has a reputation for being a healthier option. It’s not. Sorry to burst your bubble. Some tonics use better versions of sugar, but it’s still sugar.

Drink Smoothies

Smoothies always sound so healthy. It depends on what you put in them, but most smoothies are a blended sugar bomb. Fruit, juice, and yogurt all turn to sugar in your body. You can drink way more fruit than you’d eat. Take it easy on these calorie bombs!

Buy Store Bought Popsicles

Ready for your daily dose of food dye? Most popsicles are made with food coloring and loaded with bad chemicals. Not to mention the sugar in them.

Margarita Kits

These make it so easy to have tasty margarita drinks on a whim. Most kits are heavy in sugar and food coloring. There’s not much good that comes out of using a margarita kit.
Did you notice a common thread? Most of these items are super high in sugar. They turn into empty calories. Which translates into more weight gain. And I know that you’re tired of that cycle. So how do you make changes while still enjoying a few libations?
Check out the next blog article, where I’ll give you tips on what to do instead. You’ll find some new ideas to make tasty treats that you can enjoy with less guilt. Your waistline will thank you too!

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