The Top 7 Tips For Delicious Calorie Reduced Libations

nutrition Jul 15, 2018
In the last post we went over the top 5 treats that you might be adding to your waistline. If you missed it, click here. Bethany’s story of weight gain during the summer is not unique. I’ve worked with many women who struggle with summertime weight gain.
By making some simple changes, Brittany was able to create refreshing drinks that she enjoyed. She became much more aware of the hidden calories she was consuming. Best of all, Brittany stopped her cycle of weight gain and was able to maintain a steady weight year round.

Here’s 7 options to make delicious, calorie reduced libations:


Liquor and Soda

Keep it simple. Trade in your fruit juice or tonic for a soda. Same fizzy mouthfeel. None of the calories.

Flat or Sparkling water

Libations don’t need to be full of calories. Use flat water or sparkling water to mix with your alcohol of choice.

Lemons and Limes

Don’t underestimate the benefit that a little lemon or lime can bring to your drink. Cut them in half and squeeze in for a tart, refreshing change.

Custom Cubes (of Ice)

You can freeze almost any fruit, herb or spice into ice cubes. Try making some ice cubes out of unsweetened tea or coffee. Or freeze your ice cube tray half full, then add your fruit or herbs and top up with water. These little flavor bombs can do wonders for your drinks.

Freeze Your Fruit

For a pop of color or a tad of flavor, freeze your favorite fruits into chunks. Add these little flavor bombs to your drinks. You’ll feel fancy, get a hint of flavor and only a few added calories.

Ice Your Tea

Plan ahead and make some herbal tea. There’s lots of flavors to choose from. Brew it to your desired strength, then chill in the fridge. Add your favorite libation for a healthier version of a cocktail.

Herbaceous Options

To add calorie-free flavor to your drinks, add herbs or spices. You can muddle them or infuse them for longer to get different flavor combinations. Your imagination is the limit on this one.
Let me know what other ways you enjoy calorie reduced drinks!

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