She Couldn’t Lose Weight Because She Was Too Tired

medical conditions May 26, 2018
Andy was tired of feeling frumpy. She wanted her outside to reflect the confident woman she was on the inside. Andy wanted to lose the extra weight for good and hired a trainer to get her on track. Andy did everything that the trainer asked her to. She worked out hard. She ate well. She tried to balance her stress levels.
Nothing happened. Her weight didn’t budge. Andy got stronger but she didn’t notice any other changes. She wasn’t leaner. She wasn’t feeling better. In fact, Andy was getting more frustrated. She was putting in a lot of effort and not seeing results. Can you relate to Andy? I know many people who can.
It turns out that Andy suffered from Adrenal Fatigue. You know, that “myth” of a diagnosis that isn’t recognized in the medical system. The condition where you literally have NO energy to move. Despite being tired all the time, Andy still made herself workout. She used her determination to lose weight as motivation to push on. Unfortunately, this dug her into a deeper hole, making the problem worse.
When your stress hormone, cortisol, gets overworked, you store more fat. Especially around the midline. That’s the last place any woman wants to store fat! When women start gaining weight, the first thing they usually do is workout harder and eat less. This is a recipe for disaster when recovering from adrenal fatigue.
Here’s my top three tips that helped get Andy back on track:

1) Rest up

Your body needs to slow down. Anything that stimulates cortisol is going to make you take a step back on the road to recovery. Instead of intense workouts, just walk. Long slow distances, as long as you are not too tired after. Your distance may need to change from day to day, adjusted for your energy level. If you really need to workout- do weight training. Use moderately heavy weights- only 3-5 reps with 2-5 minutes of rest time between sets. No more than 2-3 sets of each exercise and only 4 exercises max per workout. Stretch and roll as much as you want!

2) Mindfulness

All that “not exercising” can be stressful. It’s mentally exhausting to want to workout and not be able to. Fill your “workout time” with meditation, mindfulness or things that make you laugh. I’m talking laugh out loud, almost pee your pants kind of laughing. The more fun you have, the quicker you’ll recover from adrenal fatigue.

3) Patience of a Saint

You got it. Adrenal fatigue is a long, slow haul. I’ve been there myself and can relate to Andy’s frustrations. Some days will feel better. Others will still feel like you’re dragging a piano behind you. Be patient- you will not be here forever. Use this time to simplify your life. Declutter. Sort photo albums. Clean up the files on your computer. Chuck these things in small 30 minute batches so you don’t get overwhelmed. Remember the turtle that won the race? Slow and steady is the name of the game here!

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