The Top Four Tips You Need to Know To Handle Stress Better

mental health Mar 06, 2017

Your body has a stress response system to help you deal with what life throws at you. It’s the fight or flight system that releases hormones to help you rest and digest food or run away from the lion that’s planning on making you his dinner. Your body can’t tell the difference between eustress- the good stress that you love or distress- the bad stress that has you strung out.

If you aren’t giving your body a break from stress, which is often the case, you may start to hit burnout. Symptoms include: anxiety, memory loss, behavioral changes, insomnia, headache, irritability, cravings, weight gain/loss, and fatigue. Sound familiar??? So how do you fix this picture? Read on!

Schedule social activities into your calendar

This helps give you a break from all that hard work you are doing and to maintain social connections! Schedule at least one event a week and make sure you do it.

Ration your willpower

You only have a finite amount of willpower in the day. Do your most important tasks first thing in the morning. Come up with a script for the first 30-90 minutes in your day. Start with things that energize you, set your intention for the day and then work on your most important work task before other distractions unfold.

Outsmart yourself

Use positive self-talk to trick your brain that you’re more successful than you currently feel. Develop a support network that understands what you’re going through. Plan activities that are in line with your goals. Speak in the present tense to tell yourself that you already are successful (I have lost weight, not when I lose weight.) And when in double, fake it ‘till you make it!


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