Everything You Want to Know About Working With a Health Coach

coaching May 06, 2018
When you want your businesses to hit exponential growth you turn to the experts. You hire marketing professionals or business strategists to help you get going. Mentors keep you focused along the way. Each of these professionals has an area of specialty and you seek them out for their unique skill set. How does that concept apply to your life?
As an entrepreneur, you often fill all the roles in your company. When you are operating at your best, you’ll have more energy to put into your business. So to stay successful, it makes sense to keep yourself in top shape. Hire an expert to manage your health in the same way you hire an expert to manage your business. You’ll get an unbiased opinion about what’s going on in your world. From there you’ll be able to focus your energy on the areas that need it most.
As a health coach, I look at your health objectively, like your business coach does with your business. I have nothing personal to gain or lose because you ate an extra cookie or bag of cookies. It doesn’t affect me if you binge-watched Netflix until 2 am. I’m not going to be mad at you if you don’t do your workout. I get to be neutral. I observe and point out behavior patterns that stop you from achieving your goals. I help you move past challenges.
You’ve heard the concept of “working on your business, not in your business.” It’s the same with your health. You can’t work on your health because you are working in your health. When you start working with a coach, it becomes easy and painless to change. No more uphill battles.
It’s the same way my marketing expert reviews my social media strategy- she points out when I’m getting off brand. Even if I don’t see it myself. That’s why I’ve hired her. To keep me accountable. To keep me focused when I go off track. A health coach does the same. Here are a few tips to help you find the right person to work with to meet your needs:

What Should You Look For When Hiring a Health Coach?

Qualifications: The word “coach” is a dime a dozen. It doesn’t mean much on its own. Find someone who has specific coach training and/or a coaching designation. Make sure their training isn’t based on the latest fad diet. Look for education that overlaps with health coaching, like Kinesiology, Nursing, or Psychology.
Experience: Ask your potential coach how long they have been coaching. “My whole life” is not an acceptable answer- run for the hills if you hear this! An experienced coach should have at least 5-10 years of coaching experience. That said, we all need to start somewhere. A new coach will not have as much experience to draw from. In turn, they offer an entry point for someone who can’t afford an experienced coach.
Interests: There are several types of coaches, just like there are several business experts. You don’t hire a marketing expert to improve your accounting systems. Find a health coach that specializes in the area of health you want to improve. I turn away clients that I know I can’t help. I refer to other specialists who have a better skill set for what the client needs. If a coach says they can help you with everything it’s a red flag.
Value: Forget bargain shopping for a health coach. What happened when you hired the cheapest designer? You got a lame logo. Then you had to pay twice as much to do it right. The right health coach has done this for years and knows the tricks to get you better results. Value her experience. She’s saving you time in the long run.

Who’s the Right Fit For You?

Personality: Most coaches offer a free initial session to see if you mesh. Find a coach that resonates with your personality. You should know right away if you are compatible. There’s value in hiring someone who’s going to challenge your beliefs. It’s useless to hire someone you are going to butt heads with.

Logistics: Choose a coach that’s available when you are. Even if a client might be a perfect fit, I don’t expect you to wake up at 3 am to be coached. I’m also not waking up at 3 am to coach you. It isn’t a good fit if your time zones don’t match up. Most coaches offer coaching over the phone, Skype or Facetime to cut down on travel for both parties involved. You’ll get more of their time for a better value and it’s as effective as coaching in person.

What Does Coaching Look Like?

Working with a health coach can vary like your business expert. You can hire a one time consultant to give you a social media strategy. Then you’re on your own. Or you can hire the same firm to follow up and help you with implementation. Depending on your skill set, you may only need the initial set up. You may be competent to execute the plan. Or, you may need someone to hold your hand as you go through it the first time.
Your health coach should offer a variety of plans to suit your needs. Sometimes you need a quick tune-up. Sometimes you need a massive overhaul. Lifestyle habits take time to change. Keep that in mind when deciding how to move forward. You can’t expect your coach to help you shift a lifetime of bad habits in one session. Work with them over a longer time to adopt permanent changes.

When Should You start?

Thinking about working with a health coach? Count your wins and losses. What is your current health preventing you from accomplishing in your business? What can you excel at if you have more energy? Where will your business be in the next year if you work to your full potential? Let a professional coach guide you to greater successes.

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