Do You Have a Growth Mindset?

mental health Jul 29, 2018
Growth often comes from experiencing a failure or setback. You make a mistake, learn what you did wrong and then make changes. The process sounds pretty simple. It can be so much more complex than that.
Many women get stuck with the belief that to grow, it implies that they have made bad mistakes. So that makes them a bad person.

To grow, you need to acknowledge that your current position isn’t working for you.

That doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. It only means that your habits are ineffective and need to change. In my experience, women tend to struggle with this concept more than men. Men jump in and make the necessary changes. They don’t take it personally. Women beat themselves up and fill their mind with self-doubt.
The same pattern exists for weight loss as it does for making business decisions. You create unhealthy thoughts like, you’re a bad person because your business failed. Or you’re a bad person because you can’t lose weight. This mentality can be destructive and disempowering.

Changing your thoughts to a growth mindset allows you to take self-shaming out of the picture.

It allows you to look at the picture objectively. You can learn from it and make changes. You can move forward instead of staying stuck. You can experience greater success.

A growth mindset allows you to look at life as a training ground.

It’s all one giant experiment. To see what works and what doesn’t. There’s no good or bad. It’s not a personal attack on your character. It’s all information.
Next time you’re feeling down on yourself for the outcome, consider your mindset. Are you being judgemental of yourself? Or are you using the growth mindset to free yourself from harsh criticisms?
Let me know how a shift in your mindset helps you take a giant step forward.

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