Are You a Great Leader In Your Work Life? (Part 3/5)

coaching Mar 17, 2019

If you want your team to be their best, you need to be ok with them putting their phones down. To not be constantly connected, or give instant replies all the time. When you teach your team to have down time and to be able to put their phones away, it's a more cohesive message. It's in alignment with prioritizing health and wellness.

Consider how that applies to other things in your work environment. What other aspects of your job are in alignment or in discord with supporting health and wellness? Go through your business. Look at all the different components you'll be able to break apart. Practices that are considered normal or accepted. Are they in alignment with supporting health? After identifying the sticking spots, you'll be able to put in place new strategies and tools to help your employees be happier and healthier.

There's lots of different areas that you can make changes to. Every company is different. What works for one business, may not work for another. Some business may be able to offer flexible hours to help accommodate for different lifestyles. Other business need to keep strict hours to meet their needs. Could you imagine showing up at a hospital and being told your emergency had to wait because the medical team wanted to start their shift in two hours? That just wouldn't fly. They need 24 hour coverage. All the time. Even at Christmas.

Maybe your business could implement a new policy that employees can leave work when their job is done. Imagine how much more efficient your employees would be with their time. The time wasted doing unnecessary activities would go down significantly.

How can you support health and wellness in other ways? Can you give your team extra time to workout on their lunch break? Could you change your meetings to walking meetings instead of sitting around a table? The food or snacks you bring in are also important. If you always have pop in the fridge, you're sending mixed messages. Leadership is connected with your health and wellness in the workplace in so many ways.

The next blog in this series is going to focus on how you can affect your greater sphere of influence as a leader.


As a way to get you thinking:
How are you a great leader in your work life?


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