Are You a Great Leader In Your Sphere of influence? (Part 4/5)

coaching Mar 24, 2019

This post is about your sphere of influence as a leader. In this five part series, we've been talking about how leadership interacts with health and wellness.

I've often get asked the question about how can I have a bigger sphere of influence. How can I affect greater change? How can I help more people be happier, healthier versions of themselves? You may be considering a career change or looking to influence change from your current career.

Start by looking at your sphere of influence. It may be extremely big. Or it may be extremely small. Within your current sphere, how many people do you currently have connections to?

Let's start on the small end of that spectrum. Perhaps you're a new entrepreneur or small business starting out. Your influence is quite small. You haven't developed a big email list yet. You don't have a lot of followers on Instagram or social media yet. It's easy to question how you can affect greater change when you have such a small piece of the pie. Especially when it feels like everyone else has such a bigger slice.

Within your lane, or sphere of influence, do what you can to reflect the values that you believe. If you share posts on health and wellness, are they in alignment with your goals? If you're on a weight loss journey, are you searching for or sharing recipes for indulgent desserts? Or do you look for better foods to help you achieve your weight loss goals? Do you click on the ads for the trendy, fad exercise programs? That makes those appear more on your computer.

This sounds like such a small step to affect change. This one simple step, searching for different information, has such a powerful ripple effect. By not clicking on a post, you're telling them that you don't support that information. Think of all the people that will see what you share. There's a snowball effect, in that they see it and share it and it goes out from there.

Your sphere of influence may be small. Through the many degrees of separation, you may be able to affect more people than you originally think. The information you share will get fanned out to a bigger audience.

If you live in the middle of the spectrum, you have a larger sphere of influence. Think about how you can use your current position to be a role model or example for others. You can affect your work, family, friends and social media connections. How can you use your reputation to help teach others why health and wellness is so important.

When you've got a large sphere of influence, you have a large captive audience to support greater good. you can inspire more people to make bigger changes to support health and wellness.

Think about how that's related to your career choice. Not everyone needs to work in health care or in the health and wellness space to affect change. You can be a passionate advocate that works in a different industry. You can advocate for better health and wellness for your team in any work environment. Support areas that you are passionate about. Purse passion projects around topics that light you up. You can also use your existing job skills to help work on health related projects. Every job needs accounting, or marketing. It needs a clean work environment or food nearby. Use what skills you've got to make an impact that matters to you.

In the final blog post for this series, we'll tie it all together and talk about six ways that you can be a better leader.


As a way to get you thinking:
How are you a great leader in your sphere of influence?


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