5 Ways You Can Make an Impact at Work During The Covid-19 Pandemic


During this time of uncertainty, many people are asking, "how can I help?" Or "how can I make a difference?" Those are big questions. The answers aren't always so simple. It's hard to make a big impact when you're advised to stay home. There are a few things you can do that can help others around you.

Stay in your lane.
Advise others on topics that you're an expert on. Refer out for topics you aren't as familiar about. If you're asked questions about COVID-19- direct them to your local health authority. That will be one of the most credible and accurate sources of information. It's important to stop the spread of false data. Do your part and shut down social media or email threads that are misleading.
Act with compassion.
It's a stressful time and people are struggling to make ends meet. When you're making client calls- see if there's a way that you can create win-win scenarios to go above and beyond. Beyond the sale, find out about their family- what's stressing them the most. Is there a way you can help with a simple act of kindness? For example, thank you cards and birthday cards can go a long way.
Create the ability for clients to say "No."
Accept that not everyone can buy right now. When you're working, call this out from the start of the call/conversation. You could start by saying, "I understand that these are challenging times for everyone and want to take the pressure off of a sale." If they adamant that they can't buy- find out how you can support them in other ways.
Be a networking ninja.
The people that are going to make it through this will be the ones who help others first. Set up connections to help support your clients to meet their other needs. Build relationships by being there for others. Be a source of calm and compassion for others. Help others see the light at the end of the tunnel. This will not last forever. If you put in the effort now, sales will come down the road.
Connect with your colleagues.
How can you do simple acts to help them out? Can you pick up a few groceries for them and drop them off when they are on isolation? Can you do some spring clean up in their yard? Are there errands you can help with?
These are only a few of the many ways that you can make a positive impact at work. Simple acts of kindness can bring you peace of mind that you are making a difference. Take time at the start of each day to come up with a positive intention for the day. What simple act will you focus on to make a small difference? At the end of the day, review what worked well. What small acts of kindness made an impact? Know that by being consistent with positive actions, you are helping others.