3 Ways Not to Get Sucked into the New Years Resolutions Marketing Trap


Happy New Year!

Tis' the season to be bombarded with new years resolution marketing. You know, the "new year, new you" kind of garbage. 

The stuff that makes you buy a gym membership that you use twice and keep paying for every month. Or the subscriptions that you get sucked into that you never needed in the first place. 

Every year the top resolutions are based around making positive lifestyle changes. Quit smoking. Loose weight. Start exercising.

I'm all for those kinds of lifestyle changes. I'm not for people taking advantage of you for their monetary gain when their products are going to leave you worse off than when you started.

You can't completely avoid the bombarding media messages but you can choose how you react to them. Here's three key tips to avoid getting sucked into the New Years Resolutions Marketing trap.

1) Do you do/use the thing currently?

Do you currently use a gym membership? Go to fitness classes? Receive a monthly subscription box? Wear fitness clothes? If you answered yes to this question, they, by all means, take advantage of the sales that offer you a discount on these products and services. I love saving money. I'm sure you do too. But don't be fooled into the ploy that you're going to start doing something because it's a new year or a new decade. You'll do it for a month and then drop it like a hot potato in February when you realize that you have to put in the effort to sustain this change.

New habits aren't formed by making purchases. They come from mindset shifts. Start with small habits. Build on your success. Then look at increasing your financial investment once you know you're sticking with it.

2) Is it ACTUALLY proven to work?

There are soooo many gimmicks, fads, and trends out there. Does the thing you're looking at ACTUALLY work? I mean- is there REAL science to back it up? Water bottles that contain crystals aren't going to help you lose weight. Pearls that go into your you know where won't balance your hormones. Yet these products do such a great job to "look" convincing and real. It's easy to get sucked in. Do your homework before spending any money on wellness products.

Another thing to consider is where it's coming from. Who's selling it to you? Are they fit and healthy? Or are they pitching wellness products when they aren't well themselves? Is the marketer known for selling fads/trends? If it's a company that is constantly advertising the latest trend it's best to stay far away.

3) Does it make quick-fix claims?

If you're looking to make lifestyle changes, you have to put in the time and effort. There are NO quick fixes. Trust me! I've tried to find them. Or create them. I'd love to get rich. (And quick!) But that always comes from a scam or an MLM company. Of which I refuse to take any part in. And you should feel the same way.

Do you recognize those spammy products that guarantee quick weight loss? Or to Tighten all those flabby spots? Or fix a longstanding problem in a few short days or weeks? Yup. Those quick-fix claims are a big, hot, steaming pile of.... garbage. THEY. DO. NOT. WORK....EVER.

They create more problems than you started with. They leave you feeling worse about yourself. And they use up you're hard-earned cash.

Money that you'll never get back.



If you're tired of being scammed by new years marketing there's a better way. It's time to stop throwing money away on lifestyle resolutions. It's time to stop doing programs that make you beat yourself up. It's time to stop taking action that sets you further behind.

It's time to redesign your health the way you want it. 

I've created a program to help you figure out your weakest links. To help you rebuild a solid foundation for your health. To feel empowered to make decisions, with the right tools to move you forward. If you're ready to finally feel in control of your future, I'm here to help you.

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