I help companies help their employees live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

In other words...

I help people sleep better, eat better and improve their mental health.

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Hi, I'm Shawna...

I’m a Health and Wellness expert and the founder of Health Redesigned.

I’m a bestselling author, nurse, speaker, coach, kickass wife and a lover of wine & scotch.

I’m a bridge between the coaching space, fitness world, and healthcare. I translate all the fads, trends and academic research into stuff you can use. I help you step into your best self and give you the tools to feel confident in making healthy lifestyle changes.

Ready to step into your best self?

Making lifestyle changes doesn't need to be complicated.

When your health is good, everything else is easier.

I've done the heavy lifting and simplified the process for you. 

I'll help you reach your health goals in a straightforward and easy to follow blueprint built on science and behavioural change strategies to give you lasting results.

Right now is the time to step into the best version of yourself. 


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