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You're an expert in your industry. You know your stuff. And you're working hard to get good results for your clients. Part of that means supporting them with information that may not be in your area of expertise.

Maybe you're a dietician who knows your client needs to sleep better to lose weight. Or perhaps you're a personal trainer who sees your client struggling with their mental health.

If you're looking for credible, evidence-based content, you're in the right place.

Health Redesigned supports you with online courses, affiliate programs, written content, and white label programs to support your business. 

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Hi, I'm Shawna...

I’m a Health and Wellness expert and the founder of Health Redesigned.

I’m a Bestselling Author, Registered Nurse, Kinesiologist, & International Speaker, with over 20 years of health and wellness experience.

I’m a bridge between the coaching space, fitness world, and healthcare. I translate all the fads, trends, and academic research into stuff you can use.

I help you with content that's outside of your area of expertise so that you can help your clients to get better results.

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