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Making lifestyle changes doesn't need to be complicated.

I've done the heavy lifting and simplified the process for you. There's no quick fixes or fads here. My programs and services are steeped in real science and behavioural change strategies and produce exceptional results. Because of my integrated approach, I've helped hundreds of people achieve the results they couldn't get though other programs. I'll help you reach your health goals in a straightforward and easy to follow blueprint.

the only program that lets you design the complete picture of your health

Health Redesigned provides you with the information, tools and resources you need to become your healthiest self. You will learn clear and simple changes that you can apply to the fundamental areas of health and wellness. My blueprint focuses on seven key pillars of health (sleep, nutrition, exercise, mental health, digestion, medical conditions and lifestyle factors) that will help you to start feeling your best.

Health Redesigned is about taking charge of your own health. It’s directing your own medical care. It’s preventing problems and diseases so you don’t have bigger problems down the line. It’s setting an intention for your own choices and fully understanding the health decisions you’re making. It’s feeling your best and living life to its fullest. It’s Your Lifestyle Strategy!

Shawna Curry- Founder & Health Guide 

Shawna has helped hundreds of people redesign their health and start living the life they've been missing. As an Amazon Bestselling Author, International speaker and guest on many podcasts, Shawna knows what it takes to get you results and leads by example.

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